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Unemployed Loans we can help!

You become unemployed when you suddenly lose your job. What happens if you are unemployed? It is a well you will be worried, won’t you? Mostly when you have bills to pay. And maybe, you will be looking for a lender that will assist in getting a same day loan.

The only problem here is that no lender will consider your loan application when you are unemployed. And to your end, you will ask yourself, how are you going to pay back when your loan application gets approved?

Meet MyLenders!

Suppose you have not heard of MyLender! MyLender is a provider of lender-finder service. Our job is to assist you and other Aussies who are in high need of a loan to get a suitable lender. We are always available to make loan acquisition easier for you during difficult times.

Unemployment Loans

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Check Your Other Options

It’s alright to think that an unemployed loan is your best option at this moment. But take a few steps back and think about some other options that may be available for you given the situation.
Here’s one example. If you are a Centrelink recipient, you may qualify for a Centrelink Advance Payment. This is a type of cash assistance from Centrelink that allows you, if you are eligible to get part of your income support payment, or family tax benefits, or other Centrelink’s benefits, in advance. You will then repay the cash advance from Centrelink out of your future Centrelink payments, with zero interest.

Applying for Centrelink’s Advance Payment

If you want to apply for a Centrelink’s Advance Payment, follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to the myGov website, sign in, and select Centrelink.
  2. Click Apply for Advance.
  3. After filling in some details and information, you will know if you qualify or not. You can proceed to click Get Started if you are eligible for Advance Payment.
  4. Continue filling in what the prompts ask for. The screen will guide you with helpful information for each step.
  5. After the last prompt, click Submit.

Alternatively, if you have the app Express Plus Centrelink on your mobile, you can also apply using that.

Repayment is every two weeks for just a part of the Advance Payment, which is automatically deducted by Centrelink from your regular benefits. It will all be arranged so you need not worry about anything.

You can check the Department of Human Services for more details and information about Advance Payment.

Unemployment Loans? Get Quick Cash Loans

You may have planned your daily expenses within your budget. But hey! Sometimes, unexpected things happen, and the bad part is, they come with unforeseen expenses.

If you are one of the lucky ones who have saved up for the rainy day, good for you! Otherwise, you’re in trouble because cash is quickly running out.

If only online lenders will be considerate enough to look at and process your application even if you are unemployed. That would be truly helpful. Problem solved. But not quite, unfortunately, because if you do find online lenders, chances are, you will be in for more trouble. Better check if what they’re offering is assistance and not deeper debt.

With all these, it’s time that you contact MyLenders.

Unemployed: Personal Loans or Payday Loans?

If you are suddenly unemployed, what kind of lender will you look for?

Like most people, you might look for payday lenders. But if you check with MyLenders, you will know that we will strive to pair you up with a lender that offers personal loans. There is a critical difference between a payday and a personal loan.

Payday Loan

The lenders offer a shorter repayment period for payday loans. A payday loan of say, $2,000 will have to be repaid in a short period of four weeks. If you are unemployed, paying back a loan of $2,000 in four weeks will be difficult to manage, if at all, possible.

Also, payday lenders rarely approve payday loans above $2,000. It is usually almost always less than that.

Personal Loan

A personal loan credit provider does a lot better than payday lenders. To begin with, the repayment for a personal loan is spread over several months, not weeks.

And best of all, the lenders offering personal loans are willing to give borrowers not just $2,000 but up to $10,000, depending on the lender’s assessment policy and the borrower’s capability to repay.

MyLenders Can Help Find Lenders for the Unemployed

While MyLenders doesn’t claim to be a credit provider, we can help you find the lender that will not take advantage of your difficult situation. Instead, the lender we will pair you up with will make sure that the loan product that they will approve for you is the right one and fits within your financial circumstances.

Even if you are currently unemployed, MyLenders will check your other personal circumstances that may qualify you for other forms of financial assistance. There’s no need to waste time in applying with every lender you find online. You only need to apply with MyLenders and we will do the rest.

And take note, applying with MyLenders will not cost you anything.

Can You Get a Loan from the Bank if You are Unemployed?

In general, many banks in Australia will find it hard to approve a loan application if the borrower is unemployed. As in other countries, Australian banks have strict criteria for loan eligibility. Some of the common considerations include:

  • Any defaults reported and listed on your credit record
  • Any missed payments to lenders that are overdue for more than 2 weeks
  • Any existing debts that should be covered by your income. This will help determine your capability to repay the loan
  • Any extra money set aside as savings that will also prove your ability to fulfill loan repayment obligations

Banks are not the only ones checking the above criteria. Many lenders do the same. However, compared to banks, short term lenders are more lenient and considerate when it comes to loan application assessment.

So between a bank and a lender, the latter may give you a higher chance of getting approved for a loan product.

Without Income, Can You Get a Loan?

Generally, a loan application approval is usually tied to the borrower’s ability to repay. And that means, not only are you required to have income but your income should be more than sufficient to afford loan repayments.

So without any income, how can you apply for any Instant cash loan product?

Well, some lenders will consider your application if you are receiving benefits from Centrelink. The lenders will consider your Centrelink benefits as your income or part of it.

That’s right. You may qualify for a loan if you can prove that your Centrelink benefits will allow you to fit loan repayments on top of your other daily expenses.

You Can Get a Loan Even If You are Out of a Job

Not guaranteed, but some lenders out there may approve your loan application if you are receiving benefits from Centrelink. But don’t get too excited too fast. You must find out what Centrelink benefits apply to some lenders. You can contact the lender directly or you may check through this link.

What is the Purpose of Your Loan?

If approved for a personal loan by a lender from MyLenders’ network, you can use the money to cover expenses including:

  • Vehicle repairs
  • Vehicle registration
  • Expenses for travel or holiday
  • Costs of insurance
  • School tuitions and other education expenses
  • Utility bills
  • Bond for apartment lease
  • Costs for childcare
  • Household appliances
  • Phones and other gadgets

The list can go on but just know that you can use the money you borrowed from the lender at your discretion.

Unemployed Loans

How Else Can You Get Approved for a Loan If You are Unemployed?

You already know that if you are on Centrelink benefits, you can find a lender that will consider your benefits as part of your income despite being unemployed.

Another option you can look at is if you have assets that earn income., e.g. a rental property, which you can use to pay back the loan.

Eligibility Criteria

Do you know if you are eligible for MyLenders’ lender-finder service?
MyLenders is in the business of helping as many Aussies as possible, who have financial problems, find lenders that offer financial assistance in the form of credit products.

To find out if you meet our eligibility criteria, check the following:

  • You must be age 18 years and above
  • You must be a Citizen or Permanent Resident of Australia
  • You must have an active mobile number and a valid email address
  • You must have a regular income that goes into your bank account for the last 3 months

If you meet all of the above, sign up with MyLenders so we can get started in finding you the lender that will help solve your financial problems by way of a personal loan.

How to Apply with MyLenders

We, at MyLenders, understand your situation if you are looking for quick cash assistance because of an emergency. Check for yourself how we have streamlined the online application process for you. You will be able to complete an application form in no time.

If you want to get started, follow the steps below:

Online Application Form

On the website of MyLenders, get to the loan calculator page and type in the amount you want to borrow and the repayment period that you are comfortable with. The page will show you estimates of weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly repayment amounts based on your desired loan value.

Keep in mind though that the terms and costs shown are not the final ones. It’s just a guide so you will have an idea if the repayment will fit in your budget.

Once you have provided all the information needed and you are pleased with the repayment terms, you can click the button Apply Now.

Relax and Wait

The moment you click Apply Now, you will have access to our online submission form where you will be asked to provide some of your personal details. This will only take a few minutes and there is no paperwork involved.

After you click Submit, MyLenders will take over. You can relax and wait for the outcome of our scanning through hundreds of loan products offered by the numerous lenders in our network. Our automated system will do the work and may give results in the shortest possible time. You will hear from us either by text or email.

Pairing Process

Once our automated system is done scanning through our network of lenders, you will be paired with the lender that can help you with your loan requirements. The lender will contact you directly to give you more details.

From hereon, our work at MyLenders stops. The lender you are paired with will assess your application. If satisfied, the lender will send you a digital copy of the loan contract. You must read through the loan contract and understand the terms and conditions such as interest rate, repayment terms, fees, etc.

If you are satisfied with the contract, you can sign and send it back to the lender. If everything checks out, the lender will facilitate the transfer of funds to your account.

On the other hand, if the loan contract terms are unsatisfactory, you are in no obligation to proceed with the loan. The lender will only transfer the funds if you approve the contract.

Small Loans for the Unemployed

By small online cash loans, we mean an amount ranging from $300 up to $2,000. MyLenders may find you a lender that offers small personal loans with a maximum amount of $2,000.

This type of loan is also considered unsecured because the lender will not require you to have an asset attached to the loan as collateral or security. Some of the assets accepted as security are a car, motorbike, caravan, or boat.

The other two types of personal loans are the medium amount and large-amount loans. Both loans are secured with an asset. They differ in the loan amount and repayment period.

Loans are Available 24/7

MyLenders is a lender-finder service provider that is available 24/7 online. We are 100% online so you can access us anytime and anywhere. You can use any smart device or your mobile phone to access MyLenders.

You must remember to submit your application with MyLenders within the regular business hours. Otherwise, the lender may take another day to process your application.

Unemployed: Same Day Cash Loans

If you are unemployed and you need to access a same-day cash loan, where do you go?

Lenders from our vast network offer various loan products which may include same-day cash loans. All this means is a loan product which a borrower can see in his or her account on the same day the loan is applied, assessed, and approved.

There are some considerations for a loan product to be accessible on the same day of application. Some of them are:

Inter-bank transfer times

Each bank has different loan transfer times. You must check the lender’s inter-bank transfer policy if you want to access your money on the same day.

Approval Timeframe

Make sure that you approve the loan contract within regular business hours to allow your lender to transfer the funds on the same day.

No Fund Transfer or Banking Rounds on Weekends

Banks and lenders do not process applications on weekends. Lenders have different banking rounds as well. Hence, if you apply close to the weekend, you are likely to see the money in your account on the next business day.

Accurate Information

A common cause of delay is incorrect or incomplete information on your application form. The lender will have to require additional information which will significantly delay the assessment process.

Unemployed: Quick Cash Loans with No Credit Check

It’s a common notion that a borrower with a bad credit record will often resort to applying for a no credit check loan product. A bad credit record can be a reason for a disapproved loan.
With MyLenders, some lenders will not just look at your bad credit record but will check on your other personal and financial circumstances.

While MyLenders cannot guarantee that the lenders will not check your credit record, we can assure you that the lenders in our network will consider all of your personal and financial information and details to assess your loan application.

Is it Safe to Give Your Banking Details?

In the process of completing your online application form, you will be asked to provide your banking details.
It’s perfectly normal to be hesitant in giving your bank details for security reasons. After all, these are sensitive data and shouldn’t be shared at all. But to make a validated assessment of your financial situation, we must obtain read-only copies of your bank statements for the last 3 months.

As soon as the lenders are done with their assessment using these read-only bank statements, our system will permanently delete them. The lender will only use them to get an idea of your income and expenses and how you manage them.

Keep in mind that neither MyLenders nor the lender in our network will require you to provide your bank statements or payslips. Our system will take care of it. No paperwork is needed.

Unemployed Loans for Single Mums with Bad Credit

With MyLenders, there is no restriction on who we can help in finding the right lender for their unique financial needs. You can be on Centrelink benefits, or unemployed, or even a single mum with bad credit and without a job. We will do our best to find a lender that is the ideal match for your financial circumstances.

Declined Loan Applications

In rare cases that MyLenders is unable to find you a suitable lender, there could be several reasons for that.

Remember, the lender assesses your application. It could be that you did not meet all of the lender’s criteria. Maybe the lender is not convinced that you can repay the loan based on your financial situation. But whatever the reason for disapproving your loan, it doesn’t mean that you cannot be successful when you apply again in the future.

After some time, you can apply with MyLenders again.

Easy Repayment Terms

Both the lender and the borrower must agree on the terms and conditions of the loan contract, specifically, on the repayment terms. Your repayment terms will depend on the approved loan amount.

For example, for a small loan amount of $2,000, the lender may require a repayment period of 12 months. For a loan amount ranging from $2,100 up to $10,000, the repayment period may be anywhere from 13 up to 24 months. The final repayment period will be determined by the lender.

The lenders will also give you repayment options on a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis. To facilitate smooth loan repayment, the system will set up a direct debit payment arrangement with your bank. You only need to do one thing – make sure your account has enough funds to cover the repayments on time.

What Happens If You Cannot Pay on Time?

It can happen. No matter how you try to keep your expenses within your budget, sometimes, there isn’t enough left for an upcoming repayment. If you are in this situation, your next move is to contact your lender right away, before the scheduled repayment, that is.

You need to inform your lender about your situation. This way you and the lender can work something out like rescheduling or skipping your repayment for a contractual fee. Take note that you need to notify your lender at least 24 hours before the repayment due date.

Sudden Changes in Your Situation

What if you suddenly become injured and unable to work? This will have a big impact on your existing financial obligations since you may not be able to afford your loan repayment.

If you get into this sticky situation, there’s one thing you can do – contact the lender’s hardship department. You can apply for a financial hardship claim but you need to provide evidence of your hardship, e.g., employer’s certificate of separation, medical certificate, etc.

The lender will assess your hardship application and based on their assessment, may offer an adjustment or restructuring of the payment plan to fit your changed situation.

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