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Bad Credit Car Loans

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Car Loans for Bad Credit Consumers

Many people want an unsecured personal loan to buy a used or new car but unfortunately they have a bad credit rating and have often been refused a car loan in the past, however here at MyLenders we have carefully picked our panel of lenders that include lenders that could help you with a bad credit car loan. We believe that everyone deserves another shot at getting their dream car so why not let us help.

Can I still get a bad credit car loan if I have missed payments on my credit file

Missed payments or defaults on your credit history can restrict the amount of lenders that can help and unfortunately that usually means the bigger banks with the lowest interest rates. But the good news is there are still lenders that are willing to help you with bad credit cash loans. Once you’ve completed your personal loan application, based on the information you’ve input our lender panel will find the most suitable car loan for bad credit proposition we have.

Bad Credit Car Loans

What If I want a car loan but have very little credit history 

Ok so here’s the frustrating thing, unfortunately some lenders will view having no credit or very little credit as a bad thing, much the same as having a poor credit rating as they have no history to back their decision on leaving it very difficult to get an online car loan from major high street banks.

Luckily our lenders will look at the information you’ve supplied and base their decision on facts like how much you earn, how long you’ve lived at your property etc etc And the good news is, if you do get approved for a small cash loan for your car this will help your credit in the future, allowing you to apply for a unsecured loan with a better rate later down the line

I’m on Centrelink Benefits can I get a short term loan for a car?

It can be a struggle get a bad credit cash loan if you’re in receipt of Centrelink benefits especially if its for a car, but from our lender panel there will be a few that could offer an alternative cash loan, it may not be the amount you want to borrow but there is help for anyone who received Income from Centrelink .

Can I get guaranteed approval bad credit car loans

There is a common misconception that whatever your credit score whether it be good or bad that you can get a guaranteed approval bad credit loan, unfortunately this is just not true no lender can give you a guaranteed approval instant cash loan, even if you had the best credit history in the world! – Each lender needs to carry out their diligence to ensure you can afford the quick loan you’re applying for. 

What if I’m self employed? can I still get a car loan?

Car Loan Bad Credit

Yes please don’t worry, just because you’ve decided to work for yourself doesn’t mean you can’t apply for a bad credit car loan. Just as with employed customers where our lenders would look at payslips, employment contracts etc – they instead would look at bank statements and your accounts and make decision based on this, just make sure your financials are up to date!!

Do you offer no credit check car loans

Unfortunately not, again all our lenders need to carry out checks to check your credit worthiness so they can make a descsison firstly on whether they can offer you a car loan and secondly how much you can borrow. But don’t worry even if you have bad credit we have lenders that can help you, just not with no credit check loans.